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Samaria Gorge

+18€ Gorge entrance

There are more than 400 gorges on Crete, but there is one - The Gorge that lies in the south of the Chania district. 

Samaria Gorge is the real treasure of Crete that became a Natural Park in 1962. Its beautiful nature attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world every year with length of 16km making it the longest gorge in Europe and a challenging hike. Hidden in the heart of Lefka Ori (White Mountains), The Gorge became a shelter for various animals, birds and endemic plants. During the hike, if you are lucky, you can meet the famous Agrimi, a Cretan wild goat also known as Kri-Kri. 

Our tour begins early in the morning as we depart from the Rethymno area and head to the Omalos where the Gorge begins. Starting your adventure descending Samaria, you will enjoy beautiful pine forests and small streams jumping sometimes over them or passing small bridges. In the middle of the hike, you will encounter an abandoned village, which can be a perfect place to make your short break. 

The second part of The Gorge will be surrounded by high cliffs and crystal-clear river streams. The walls of the cliffs will be a real fascination for those who are interested in geology and the green surroundings if you have a passion for diverse flora and fauna. 

As the hike comes to an end, we are coming out to the small village of Ag. Rumeli with beautiful black sand beach. In the village, you will have free time to eat, relax and swim in the waters of the Libyan Sea until the departure of the ferry boat that will take us to Sfakia where the bus will be waiting to take us back to Rethymno. 

Join us on this unforgettable tour and create memories that will last a lifetime!


  • Palm beach
  • Palm forest
  • Mountain River
  • Libyan Sea
  • Stone in the shape of heart
  • Beautiful beach
  • Natural beauty
  • Kourtaliotiko gorge
  • Towering cliffs
  • Vertical walls of the gorge
  • Boat ride

Trip Itinerary

6:30 (departure time may differ based on the location of your accommodation, for more information look for the pick-up time schedule)
free time for coffee / breakfast (your guide will inform you the duration of the stop)
Samaria Gorge
4 to 7 hours hike
Agia Roumeli
free time for lunch and swim depends on the time of the hike
approx. 20:00 (please note that the time of return may differ based on the location of your accommodation)

Not included:

Entrance fee: 5€ (cash only) 

Boat fee: 13€ (cash only) 

Lunch is not included in the price of the tour.


Useful information: 

Proper shoes for a hike are necessary as well as a wind jacket will be an advantage.
You must have with you a hat and sunscreen.
Carry with you a bottle of water and snacks as there is no chance to purchase it inside the gorge. 
Inside the gorge you will be able to refill water from the streams. 
The hike is not suggested for people suffering severe health conditions and people with heart problems. 

Don’t forget swimsuit and towel.

Duration (approx.): 13 hours
+18€ Gorge entrance
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General Information

Kapodistriou 55, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Tel: (+30) 6972 603 639

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